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Book Buying Policy

Why yes, we do trade and buy secondhand books - here's our criteria!

  • We do take classic works of literature, science fiction, and great kid’s books.
  • We do take books that have the former owner’s name written inside.
  • We do take books that have been gently read, with maybe a crease or two.
  • We do take signed, first editions.
  • We don’t take old textbooks (including that highlighted anthro/sociology/economics book you had to have for that one class).
  • We don’t accept ex-library books or books in poor/ reading condition.
  • We don’t take books chewed on by your dog.
  • We don’t take hardback books that are missing their dust jackets.
  • We don’t take romance novels.

We offer 50% shop credit or 25% cash, except for children’s/young adult books for which we offer trade credit only, not cash.