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The Compost Coach: Make compost, build soil and grow a regenerative garden - wherever you live! (Paperback)

The Compost Coach: Make compost, build soil and grow a regenerative garden - wherever you live! Cover Image


The Compost Coach is a colourful, comprehensive and accessible guide to creating the very best compost AKA garden gold. Kate is on a mission to empower readers to understand the small steps they can take every day to look after the environment and live more sustainability.

The book is pitched at the home composter, including people who live in apartments and houses with or without gardens (yes, you can compost without a garden!). Kate helps the reader to rethink their waste management and teaches them how easy it is to divert food scraps and household carbon away from landfill. She unravels the technicalities of soil science, talks through the building blocks of a robust compost system and busts a few myths along the way. Charming illustrations, how-to photos, and Kate's warm, entertaining voice complete the package.

About the Author

Kate Flood is happiest when she's teaching people about compost, reading about it, or elbow deep in the stuff. She's a compost nerd and sustainability educator, and she's on a mission to help others step-up their household waste management. From her home on the south coast of New South Wales, the teacher and mum of three busy dirt-babies spreads the word on 'garden gold' via Instagram, TikTok, and workshops for councils, community gardens and businesses. Kate has inspired her family, friends, and ever-growing online community to think about the small actions they can take daily to stem the climate crisis and make composting fun.

Praise For…

"The book goes into just about everything you would want to know about composting in an approachable, easy to understand format...I consider The Compost Coach the best reference book when it comes to composting I have seen, making it a must for anyone who is farming, homesteading, or just wants to be more environmentally friendly."Budget Earth

"This has everything readers need to get started on their compost pile."Publishers Weekly

Product Details
ISBN: 9781922616456
ISBN-10: 1922616451
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 264
Language: English